Do you need to study and are you always sleepy? Start reading and feel like going to sleep? Do you need to study, but can’t because you’re too sleepy?

So, stay awake and read this article until the end! Here I have prepared three essential tips to avoid falling asleep when studying. These are the same tips that my students use to get more energy and focus to study every day.

But before passing on the tips, it is important to make something very clear.

What should first be done to avoid sleep

Understand once and for all, there is no point in trying to study if you are not getting the ideal amount of sleep.

Before you start putting it into practice, you need to make sure you are sleeping correctly, that you do not have insomnia and that your sleep time is sufficient.

Otherwise, I recommend that you first regulate your sleep routine and, depending on the case, look for a specialist to be able to keep up with your sleep.

This is very important because sleep is one of the bases of memory. Some researchers believe that during the sleep process, your brain takes the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary memories and consolidate the most important ones.

Furthermore, if you are not sleeping correctly you will have no focus and low energy, and without concentration you will not have memorization. Do you understand why it is important to sleep properly?

Now, if you already have a good sleep routine, and yet when you start studying you still want to sleep, follow these tips.

Tip #01 – Take constant breaks

Often, the lack of a habit of studying makes your brain want to shut down when you start studying. This is because he is processing a large amount of information and he wants to divert his focus from that.

Therefore, an excellent strategy is to take regular breaks. Every 40 or 50 minutes of studying, get up, wash your face, stand up and then go back to studying constantly.

By maintaining this regularly, over time, you will notice that it takes longer to feel sleepy and over time you won’t even feel sleepy anymore. The important thing is to maintain this rhythm every day.

Tip #02 – Coffee or iced bath

Another interesting tip to help you wake up, wake up to study, is to drink a coffee or take a cold shower.

This tip is very good, especially during the early hours of the day or in the middle of the afternoon. Everyone knows that coffee is a good brain stimulant and depending on your profile, it can help a lot with focus.

The cold bath is very good, as it wakes you up, refreshes your body and puts you in a state of alert and focus to achieve better results in your studies.

It is possible to establish strategic times to get that extra dose of energy, for example, you can drink coffee in the morning and in the middle of the afternoon when you are tired after lunch, take a cold shower to wake up.

Tip #03 – Force your studies and form a habit

One of the most important points when you are starting to study and feel very sleepy is to force yourself to study, that is, even if you are sleepy, don’t give up, as this can make your mood and focus even worse.

The ideal is to force yourself to study constantly. If you feel sleepy, get up, wash your face and come back. Over time, a study habit will form and this is essential to overcome sleepiness once and for all.


I hope these three tips help you stay awake and focused when studying. Remember that before putting any tip into practice you need to have a good daily sleep routine. Furthermore, it is necessary to force and form the habit initially for everything to really work.

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