Keeping up with trends in education is the responsibility of educational institutions. After all, it is through these changes that the sector is revolutionised and begins to meet society’s demands even more, always going hand in hand with one priority: the learning of its students.

But, after all, how to choose a college? Would my ideal course be an EAD or in-person model? With this question in mind, we have prepared an article that aims to answer this question once and for all for you. Let’s go? Good reading!

How does in-person teaching work?

In-person teaching is the learning methodology we are already accustomed to. Traditionally, it involves the student’s presence at the institution’s center daily and at fixed times so that they can attend the day’s classes.

Here, contact with colleagues and teachers is direct and constant. Practical activities are also carried out in person, as are internships. This is the perfect modality for those who can dedicate themselves solely to studies .

How does distance learning work?

Distance learning, in turn, brings innovations in the way of teaching. Here, the student’s online presence is much more required. Virtual and technological tools are part of everyday life, helping to bring together those involved and ensuring that interaction between students and teachers is frequent and constant.

Distance learning can work 100% online or blended. In this, students divide their time between virtual and in-person activities. This modality is ideal for those who want to combine studies with other areas of life (such as work) or like to have more flexibility to manage their own routine and learning.

So, which one to choose: distance learning or in-person?

Now, we will see what points should be analyzed when choosing a teaching modality. All of them must be considered throughout your reflection, ok? Shall we check it out?

Analyze your needs

The first step is to reflect on the things you want and need. What are your priorities at the moment? Do you need to balance studies with work? What modalities is your course available? Is it possible for you to study almost full time?

Regardless of which one you choose, keep in mind that both modalities are widely recognized and valued by the job market and that they work and develop fundamental skills for the day-to-day life of your future profession .

See what your investment availability is

What is your budget like at the moment? In-person courses tend to bring more expenses, both in monthly fees (which are more expensive) and in maintaining the degree. In addition, you have to pay for issues such as transportation and food. Therefore, sometimes opting for EAD is a good option.

Despite this, we must also remember that many institutions offer scholarships and discounts for students both in-person and distance learning. Research all your options and choose the one that best fits your financial reality!

Think about how you like to study

Not all people are the same. Although some like to study according to a routine , this type of strategy doesn’t work for everyone. Knowing your learning style is essential for you to make the right decision.

So, think carefully. Do you like studying during the period when the face-to-face course is taught? Do you feel productive at this time of day? Do you like studying alone and conducting your learning based on your own choices? Based on questions like these, you will choose the best one for you!

Understand what your goals are

Personal and professional objectives should also be considered when choosing a teaching modality. In-person teaching, for example, allows the development of skills such as teamwork, public speaking skills, among others.

Distance learning helps the student to work on self-knowledge, organization and discipline, skills that are also valued by the market. Choose an alternative that develops your weaknesses and makes you more adept at new skills.

Explore the possibilities

Leaving your comfort zone can also be a good alternative, especially if you already have enough maturity and self-knowledge to do so. We do not always develop fully by remaining in the same teaching mode.

Therefore, if you want to explore new horizons and try new things, opting for distance learning (or in-person, if you already study remotely) can be a good alternative. Considering all these points will certainly help you a lot when choosing!

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