Be sure! To be a good student you need more than just bringing an apple to the teacher. Being well organised, focusing on a single task, or being part of a study group can help you get top grades.

Yes indeed! For those good grades to be a reality, the key is motivation. Having the desire and will for good results to occur is essential. Therefore, follow the advice we give you below and learn how to be a good student .

How can you excel in class and become the top student?

If you came to this article it is because you are wondering how to be a good student. And, good news! At Young Experience we have the answer to that question. Take note and read this list until the end because these tips will make you number one in the class.

1. Take notes

To be the best student you need to increase your memory and activate various regions of your brain. What exercise is perfect for this? Yes, you guessed it! Writing by hand will allow you to remember information much more easily.

Likewise, making a summary in your own words is one of the best tips for studying . Since having the key data of what you study and writing it in your terms will help you remember it better. Ah! And of course, it is also worth making graphs, tables or maps.

Pro tip
Recording the information you need to learn and listening to it several times will make you memorize it from beginning to end.

2. Focus on a single task

To begin with, you must pay full attention to the teacher. During class make sure to put away your cell phone and not talk to your classmates. You will see that this way you will retain more information and he will notice that you are attentive and focused.

Now, when you are at home studying, get away from all distractions. Studies on the subject have shown that people are more productive and focused when they are not distracted by checking their social networks or with countless tabs open on their screen.

3. Make a schedule

Setting a daily time to study will allow you to commit to your studies. The best way to do this is to create a routine. Therefore, with the help of a calendar, create a schedule and schedule all your activities (classes, exams, group work…).

We are sure that if you judiciously stick to your schedule you will be less stressed. The idea is that you review your class’s study plan every day and add new items, so you can also keep track and know what you are missing.

4. Study in fragments of time

Dividing your study times into fragments will allow you to focus on specific tasks for certain periods. There are different learning techniques , however, the 25-minute fragments are the most effective and will help you learn and not get overwhelmed.

Good time management will help you focus specifically on studying. So the main recommendation is that you do not dedicate one day a week to studying for 4 hours. Instead, break it up into 25-minute chunks over the course of a week.

5. Prepare in advance for exams

We know! Studying for exams can be stressful. Therefore, creating a study schedule a few weeks before any exam is a great idea. Focus on the most important issues and work on the smaller or complementary details last.

Also, summarize information you learn in class and from textbooks in your own words to make sure you fully understand it. And, if it helps, look for study groups you can join to review topics.

Pro tip
Listening to classical music while studying for your exams will help you feel comfortable and calm.

6. Have good eating and sleeping habits

Getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet will give you the energy you need to study. To start, we recommend that you sleep at least 6 hours, so you will have a good memory and concentration.

Now, if you’re wondering how to be a good student, you need to make sure you give your body the fuel it needs to succeed. To do this, eat lots of vegetables and consume foods that strengthen memory such as yogurt, chocolate and coffee.

7. Take private classes

It’s okay to ask for help! It is normal that some topics are difficult to understand. Therefore, the best idea is to ask if your institution has a study group or if your professors offer private classes.

If not, you can search online for teachers who can help you by giving you some remedial classes. We are sure that with this idea you will learn much more and get the best grades.

We’re done! We sincerely hope you found this information to be beneficial. Especially because with these tips you can prepare to study abroad, whether it is an English course , a vocational program or a professional one.

Remember that by studying abroad you can multiply your options to take your career to another level and work in the best companies. But you already know, it all starts with good organization and a good lifestyle. So put these tips into practice and get the best grades!

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