Achieving the long-awaited approval in the entrance exam requires a lot of dedication and a lot of study. But, to ensure that the time and energy allocated to preparation generate the expected results, it is essential to know how to be productive in your studies .

In this sense, creating a study schedule can be the key to the success of your preparation for the entrance exams. Want to know more? So continue reading to understand how to make an infallible study plan and check out tips that can help you follow this plan to the letter.

How to make a study schedule: step by step

1) Select a task organizer

Firstly, it is important to define the tool you will adopt to organize, consult and change your study schedule whenever you need. Use an app, a calendar, or an agenda.

2) Understand your routine

Before putting together a study plan , it is necessary to analyze your own routine. What time do you wake up? What are your class times at school or at the pre-university course? How long do you typically spend travelling? Do you take any courses or do any physical activity after work? What are your personal commitments?

In order for you to be able to follow your study schedule , you need to consider all your tasks , as well as the time used for eating, moving around and resting . This ensures realistic, balanced and, consequently, efficient planning.

3) Organize study schedules

Knowing what content is most required in the entrance exams you will take can help you organize an order for each subject. It is worth highlighting that no matter should be left aside. Phrases like “I already know that”, “I’ll never learn that” or “that’s no use” are real traps that can cost you approval .

Another factor that must be taken into consideration when organizing your study schedule is your learning gaps. Prioritizing the content you have the most difficulty with can boost your performance in exams. Allot more study time to these subjects, but without leaving other topics aside.

4) Invest in different study techniques

Preparing for the entrance exam requires a series of activities, such as studying the content, writing summaries, essays and mind maps, solving previous exercises and tests , reading mandatory works and carrying out simulations . You can use different study methods , considering those that best suit each subject.

In the study schedule, it is worth indicating which tasks you will focus on throughout the day, taking into account the content planned for that date. Remember to study the theory, test your knowledge and review each topic. This way, you guarantee a much more complete preparation.

5) Make time for yourself

As important as the number of hours dedicated to studying is the quality of your preparation for the entrance exams. If you are tired, it will be difficult for you to maintain concentration for a long time. Therefore, it is important to respect rest periods and incorporate leisure activities into your study routine .

How to follow the study schedule?

As with any other activity, good performance in entrance exams depends on persistence. And the best way to do this is to follow your study plan to the letter.

Setting short, medium and long-term goals can be a good strategy for maintaining focus and discipline in your studies . By stipulating what your goals are, you will be able to observe your progress and feel more motivated to continue.

Finally, remember that this planning does not need – and should not – be rigid. You can readjust your study schedule, considering what can generate more results for your preparation.

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