Are you the type of person who, when you start studying, has a strong desire to pick up your cell phone and access apps or the internet? Have you tried several things and still can’t get control of it? Did you know that research reveals that a person checks their cell phone an average of 85 times a day and that this ends up impairing concentration on day-to-day activities?

If this is also a problem for you, read this article until the end as I will present some essential strategies to help you put down your cell phone, be able to dedicate yourself to studying, develop your intelligence and pass tests.

But before passing on the strategies, something needs to be made very clear.

Why should you avoid using your cell phone while studying?

One of the most important things to guarantee the memorization of your studies and also your learning is your ability to concentrate on your studies, and one of the things that most affect your attention these days is your cell phone.

Understand that the cell phone itself is not your enemy, but inappropriate and excessive use of it ends up harming your studies. Moderate use will probably help you enjoy all its benefits and also ensure excellent learning during your studies.

I’ve put together some strategies to ensure that your cell phone is no longer a villain during your studies.

Decision and habit of avoiding cell phones during studies

The first step is to understand that all strategies depend on a decision on your part to avoid irrational cell phone use and the formation of a good habit.

Don’t expect something that will happen instantly. You need to do your part daily so that you can gradually avoid your cell phone and start focusing more on your studies.

Now that you understand this, let’s start with the basics, notifications.

Notifications are your worst enemies when studying

The basic thing to prevent your cell phone from getting in the way of your focus on studying is to disable all notifications, and this even includes your messaging app.

And before you speak…

“But professor, if someone talks to me I can’t help but respond!”

Understand once and for all, if a person really needs to talk to you, they will call.

As you stop responding to people’s messages, they understand that they can only talk to you by calling and they will only do that if it’s really important.

Furthermore, notifications from social networks, games and applications in general only serve to divert your attention and make you use these same applications. So take it all out.

If you do this you will have a significant increase in your focus. Remember that it depends on a firm decision and the formation of a solid habit. Now, if that still doesn’t work, let’s take drastic measures.

Block everything during your studies

A more drastic way to ensure you stay focused while studying is to block everything out. Nowadays cell phones already have blockers natively.

Blockers play an important role in protecting you from yourself, that is, from your uncontrollable desire to use your cell phone.

And before you start to get desperate thinking that you will no longer be able to use your cell phone, don’t worry, there is the possibility of programming the blockers to only work during your study time, so you will be able to use them normally later.

If you can’t block your cell phone or this action still doesn’t work for you, there is another even more powerful measure.

Count on someone to help you during your studies

An excellent way to help with your studies is to leave your cell phone with someone else. You can do the following: when you start studying, leave your cell phone with someone else and ask them to return it only at the end of your study time.

This is an excellent way to ensure your focus during your studies and still be absolutely sure that you won’t touch your cell phone.

For this strategy to really work, you need to have someone who is really firm and who won’t give your cell phone back during study time, even if you beg.


You have just learned some measures to avoid using your cell phone while studying, some less drastic, others more. I decided to go through all these strategies, because I know that in some cases this is the only way it works, with more radical measures, without any compromise in cell phone use.

The most important thing is that if you are determined and form a solid habit, whatever measure you take to avoid using your cell phone while studying, you will be able to obtain better results and have significant learning that will help you achieve your goal.

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